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Removal of Car & Trailer (B+E) Driving Test

The testing of B+E will cease on 20th September 2021. Until the required legislative change takes effect (which is hoped to happen in mid-November) only those that hold a current B+E licence (via grandfather rights pre 1997 or B+E licence acquisition post-1997) will be able to tow a trailer up to 3.5t.

DVSA is working with interested industry organisations to explore the creation of a voluntary accreditation scheme for car and trailer (B+E) training in order to encourage quality assured B+E training to continue.

Removal of Staged Testing

At this time no implementation date has been fixed, however, the DVSA and their lawyers are working at pace to progress this change. The government website was updated yesterday to include guidance on the changes and it states that the law will change in ‘Autumn 2021’. Read the government web page here.

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