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Following the changes in legislation, effective from the 20th of September, drivers who currently hold a Category B licence will be able to tow a trailer (up to 3500kgs).

DVLA will send qualifying Category B licence holders a new photo card licence stating the Category BE entitlement.

As of the 20th September 2021, there will be no requirement to pass a Category BE test in order to tow a trailer exceeding 750kgs.

From a road safety point of view, we have concerns regarding this legislative change due to the potential impact on road safety and have strongly opposed the changes, during meetings with the DVSA.

As transport consultants, we work with commercial vehicle operators on a daily basis and have seen first-hand the devastating consequences that the absence of effective driver training can cause.

Whilst the driving test requirement will cease on the 20th of September, the requirement for employers to ensure that their drivers are competent and safe will not.

Therefore, we are offering an industry solution to give drivers/employers peace of mind, to ensure that towing a trailer is done so in a safe and legal manner.

We encourage employers to consider that although drivers won’t be legally required to take a driving test to obtain Category BE, training is imperative to ensure that other aspects of legislation relating to towing a trailer are still complied with, for example, the roadworthiness of the trailer, speed limits etc.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss the range of training packages that we can offer.

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